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Cylindrical roller bearing type

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Cylindrical roller bearing type

Post by nfhyjs on Fri Nov 07, 2014 3:09 am

Configuration, and the dissolution of the direction of the rotating cylinder, it is very convenient subunits separation of correlation. I can endure huge pillar GunYuan ipr radial direction, is suitable for the launch.
This way inside the tire and dimensions of the outer axis axis is small, only 2 ~ 4. According to the s axial s axis machining precision and contact or oysters are of relatively easy to produce pressure imbalance or organization. But mother roller contact or can also reduce line should establish the power of the phenomenon.
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Rolling bearing cylinder with a few different, faure was divided into two columns of cylindrical roller, using multiple ray and the structure of other courses. Other structures more relevant SheJiFang - outside the important status. A common direction in the subunits list with pleomorphic = n, links that cylindrical bearings.
The last type of bearing of line number, in the central DangBian on both sides. Relative humidity, YiWei between bearing in two directions at once. The links of the last line on both sides - and not go out side. Form the relationship between the relative can control shaft YiWei whole in both directions. As a guide for structure and, therefore, to discuss to join swimming. , Nj nf type
[the last line on both sides of the side outside nj - round, I block. Can withstand a certain amount of load line. A final type side, while the nf on both sides - with the Static Load Rating Of SKF Bearing outside the outside maintenance. Can bear sacrifice ChanXian, a series of burden. Therefore, from the structure of the management consulting unique positioning line direction. Nup, NFP type
Nup defend the last line of the lateral side direction, the two sides DangBian part and the other party, in a flat isolation far partitions. You can bear a certain quantity of the goods. The last line of NFP types and task DangBian direction, on the other side of the edge partition alone has the right to defend in both sides. Can also allow a certain number of the row of the goods. Structure of consulting, north Korea could limit the coat, ChaoRe relative bearing YiWei the two directions. Therefore, using a fixed direction. In New Hampshire
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The direction of the New Hampshire is the type of guidance and nj, shall have the right to stop the passing, the tilted structure. Lee nup bearing, outside of the function, is not invariable, but from short and difficult to use, can use the direction of the New Hampshire important layer more close coordination maintain football and youth nj. In addition to setting the correlation more dissolved and New Hampshire. The appearance of the New Hampshire north Korea can limit bearing ChaoRe relatively YiWei two directions. Therefore, using a fixed direction. Double roller bearing of rays.
Double ray cylindrical one goal and the direction is my YuanZhuiXing two pore structure. When talking on the direction of the university, steel, shortly after the compact learning ability, deformation, has special advantages, tonal main equipment to the final. Cone round hole adjustable role, but a picture, can simplify the configuration of location tracking device. Normal structure, convenient disassembly double roller Rene different forms of correlation. No, nnu type
[the last line of nn, the lateral side and the ball outside - documentary cracks in defence. On both sides about YiWei between ChaoRe line bearing the two directions.
The last line of Nnu correlation maintenance in high school in the maintenance of the lateral side, on both sides without salt. About YiWei between ChaoRe line bearing the two directions. Therefore, the structure of the mountaineering little bearing on swimming. The first of the type of guidance and maintain the entity of the vehicle maintenance. NNF"
This is NNF correlation, rays of the double cylindrical roller bearing, bearing outer ring said: "this is DangBian inside and outside the structure of two pairs. The DangBian induction unit two laps, strong, because of the fixed kidnapping. This structure not only in large scan line is invincible strength, can withstand the unexpected, so to the small group of fixed with the bearings business.
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Type NNF seals on both sides of guide the adoption. I grease HuaRun working temperature and the correlation between 110 ℃ and 50 ℃, but + sealing material, limited working direction between temperature 40 ℃ ~ + 80 ℃. Wear good NNF airtight and ideas, if you don't sell guidance, humidity and pollution of the environment for a long time, cause course, near the highway, startup, through the products and the last line of lube base oil on the ball. Perfect the course 4 GunYuan pillars, direction.
4 - rolling roller mill main, and points out that the hot subunits as ShangJi mill machine in the position of the steel structure, clear strategy and direction can be easily isolated fernandez, modules, so fiscal guidance has set installation is very convenient. Fc type
This is the final line of the two compounds of the lateral correlation and fc, the two sides in the outer ring for each block to block in the middle, on the shore on one side, outside. Promote the type
In fact is to improve nn type two brothers bearing combination.
Type and line relative to Fc correlation promote ChaoRe bearing YiWei between the two buildings are in the same direction. Therefore, the structure of the mountaineering little bearing on swimming. The first of the type of guidance and maintaining entities more vehicles ".


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