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Imported bearings and shaft detection

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Imported bearings and shaft detection

Post by yhezpu on Wed Dec 24, 2014 7:40 am

Import bearings and shaft fit clearance must be appropriate, to make the imported bearing's service life is longer, the imported bearing radial clearance test can adopt the following methods: one, the ruler test for larger diameter imported bearing, gap is larger, employs a narrow feeler direct detection.For small diameter imported bearings, with smaller, easily measured with a feeler gauge, but the imported bearing clearance, must use the thickness of the appropriate feeler.Second, pressing lead test method to detect pressure lead to import bearing clearance is much simpler to use than feeler detection more accurate, but more troublesome.Detection of aluminium wire should be used in the soft, medium diameter, shoulds not be too big or too small, the ideal clearance diameter 1.5 ~ 2 times, practical work showed soft lead wire for testing.Detection, first open the imported bearing cover, the diameter of the lead wire, appropriate to cut it into 15 ~ 40 mm long segments, up and down on the shaft neck and interface, imported bearing cover imported bearing cover, tighten the retaining bolt torque by the regulation, unscrew the bolt, then remove the imported bearing cover, micrometer is used to inspect flattening lead wire thickness, the average of imported bearing tip clearance.If the top gap is too small, can add pad on the surface of the upper and lower tile combination.If too large, the reduction of pad, scraping the inquiry or watering the tile again.Adjustment of SKF Bearing catalog force: in order to prevent the bearing shell may occur in the process of job rotation and axial movement, besides the fit interference and stop parts, bearing bush must still use imported bearing cover to compaction, tip clearance measurement method and test method, to measure the thickness of the soft lead wire, can be used to calculate the bearing force.General bearing compression force in 0.02 ~ 0.04 mm.If the compaction force do not conform to the standards, the available increase or decrease in imported bearing and the bearing joint face of the gasket thickness method to adjust, tile back no padded.Sliding bearing in addition to to ensure the radial clearance, should also guarantee the axial clearance.Detection of axial clearance, remove the shaft to an extreme position, and then with a feeler gauge or dial indicator measure shaft position from one extreme to another extreme position of channeling momentum namely axial clearance.When the clearance is not in conformity with the provisions of the sliding bearing, should be adjusted.To open the import bearings often use gasket radial clearance adjustment.


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